Power of Paris

In a busy calendar of furniture events, why should the esprit Meuble in Paris in December, from 6th to 10th, be of particular note? After all, there are a lot of furniture shows, and December is a particularly busy time of year.

So why go over to Paris for a show? Well, if you ask the organisers, they will immediately give you a number of good reasons — five to be precise, but a couple of those are about hospitality matters (which are actually quite good reasons to be fair!)

Firstly, the show boasts more than 300 French and international brands waiting for you at the Porte de Versailles, covering everything from sofas to living rooms, and from bedding and accessories to decorations and services. It offers the chance to take a look at a whole range of sectors in the furniture industry.

Secondly, say organisers, it’s where the latest trends and collections will be on display, offering a chance to “discover, exchange, compare and enrich your range of products and services”.

It’s a mixed bag then — the chance to look at what people are doing, an opportunity to grow your knowledge of what’s planned for the year ahead, and look at what you could doing in your own business.

And that’s the key thing for this show. 

Organisers firmly state that the fact that the show is in December presents the industry with a firm footing on which to start to make 2020 a success.

It might actually be, of course, that forward-thinking businesses are already well ahead of planning for making 2020 a success, particularly given uncertainties around politics and the economy, not just across the UK, but in Europe too.

So, what’s the aim of the show? What’s the ethos?

As the people behind the event say, it’s “exclusively reserved for professionals in the furniture sector”, including distributors, buyers, architects, decorators, journalists, students in design schools, engineers or businesses.

As such, the aim is to allow all French and international players in the furniture sector to meet every year in a premium and friendly setting to exchange ideas, develop their business, and promote or discover the latest innovations, trends and collections in the field of furniture. furniture, sofas, living rooms, bedding and decorations.

That’s actually quite a big aim, but as we all know, business can be a numbers game.

So what are the key numbers for this event?

There will be 40,000 sq metres of display space, with 147 French brands, and 153 international brands. The 2018 show had more than 10,000 visitors, with 82 per cent of those, perhaps somewhat obviously, from France.

In Bedding, there will be Hilding Anders, Technilat, Adova, Tempur, and Duvivier. Meanwhile, furniture manufacturers Celio, Minet and Resistub will be there.

There is also the category “Para-Literie” for laundry, with exhibitors like Releazz, Tradition des Vosges, Belnou and Dodo.

To name just a few, Agora SRL, from Italy, will be joined by Cacio, from Portugal, and NIJWIE, from The Netherlands, in the Dining Room category.

VARAM, of Belgium, and Poland’s TK Lighting are just two in the Seats section, illustrating the international nature of the show.

German company Lalee will be in the Decoration category, as will Spain’s Herdasa; MA SALGUEIRO, from Portugal; and Obsession, from Germany.

XSENSOR Technology Corporation, from Canada, adds yet more of an international connection in the Services category.

If you are planning to attend, you should obtain your badge by logging in to, and clicking on the Visitor Registration tab.

In fact, the website does well to promote what’s going on, and the social media accounts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are awash with previewing what people are planning to display.


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