JYSK appoints sleep doctor

Academic Dr John Shaw, has been chosen by JYSK UK as its partner for a series of sleep insight research initiatives.

The Scandinavian-owned global furniture brand, which has specialised in Sleeping & Living for almost four decades, will sponsor Dr Shaw, and his new Sleep Laboratory at de Montford University. 

JYSK’s Sleep Doctor will use his newly-equipped laboratory to further his study of sleep, its effects on memory and, in turn, its impact on how well we function.

Scandinavians consistently top the world happiness league table and one of the biggest contributors to their wellbeing is their investment in healthy sleep habits and a sleep-friendly environment.  JYSK UK wants to find out more about what makes the British tick at bedtime, and how to make a good night’s sleep even better.

Country Manager for JYSK UK, David Ashton, said: “Scandinavians recognise the value in investing in their sleep.  In the UK we’re not quite there yet.  We will spend much more money on a sofa we sit on for maybe four hours in the evening, because it will be seen by our friends, whereas we’ll shop on price rather than quality when it comes to buying a mattress we’ll spend up to eight hours a night on.

“We are delighted to sponsor John’s laboratory and we are working with him on a series of trials to help find out more about how sleep helps contribute to success – wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, and whatever success looks like for you. 

“We want to understand more about the difference quality sleep contributes to performance – from a busy working parent of very young kids or an elite sportsperson to a professional working long hours.

“JYSK is excited to be working with the JYSK Sleep Doctor going forward and is looking forward to the early results of some of this ‘under cover’ research.”

Dr Shaw added: “My main research interests are how we can utilise sleep to improve our cognitive processes. During sleep memory consolidation occurs at an increased rate compared to when we are awake, but we still aren’t entirely sure how these processes occur. My goals are to explore this further, seeing how different types of memory are affected, how it can benefit different processes (e.g., learning and problem solving) and ensure that the public know how to benefit most from their sleep”.

JYSK will kit out Dr Shaw’s lab with beds and bedding and provide him with a JYSK sleep package for better sleeping at home. The company will announce its trials’ dream team in the Autumn.


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