Decade of Delight


East Midlands-based, family-run firm Breasley went to the annual showcase for the bed industry, the NBF Bed Show, with a landmark to celebrate and a new look for a favourite range to unveil.

Said Breasley’s head of marketing, Clare Taylor: “This year marked a decade since Breasley launched its Salus range. This was a big deal for the company back in 2009 — up until then we had been largely known for manufacturing white label mattresses, producing pillows and as a foam converter. 

“Salus represented Breasley’s entry into the bed market with its own brand and quickly became a firm favourite with customers. Aimed at independents, retailers loved the brand as it offered a top-quality bed at an accessible price.

Ten years on and Breasley felt it was time to give Salus an update while retaining the quality and value principles of the original collection.

Clare continued: “In 2019 we decided it was time to move Salus on to the next level. We wanted to show and develop Salus’s indisputable high-end credentials and to reflect the luxury of the line, which our customers know and expect. To mark the 10th birthday of Salus, we went for a total rebrand and used the opportunity to refresh the range to incorporate advances in comfort and style. We created the most stylish and comfortable Salus beds ever with new branding to match.”

New-look Salus was launched at the Bed Show in Telford to great acclaim. A publicity campaign ahead of the show ensured there was plenty of interest in the stand and the beds on it.

Clare said: “I think it is safe to say that the new Salus branding was really well received by our retailers, who were impressed with the collection, and the stand itself received many compliments.

“We were proud to present the range. A great deal of thought and love went into the rebrand and our feedback from the show points to a bright future for Salus.

“At a time of economic uncertainty where many manufacturers are taking a more cautious approach, Breasley’s investment in its flagship brand is good news for the sector.”

The new-look collection features two of Breasley’s unique technologies, Viscoool and the ‘Salus Comfort’ layer, and makes use of natural fibres to offer the best in deep harmonious sleep.

Viscoool is Breasley’s luxurious, pressure relieving, breathable, next generation memory foam made from sustainable and natural soybean oil. The ‘Salus Comfort’ layer brings increased softness and indulgence. 

To maintain a hygienic sleep environment all eight mattresses in the Salus range are also treated with Breasley ProGuard to help regulate body temperature, fight bacteria and inhibit house dust mites.

Top of the new-look Salus range is Samphire, combining Viscoool, ‘Salus Comfort’ layer, a 3,900 dual layer pocket spring system and deep quilted pillow top cover. The sleep surface features integral natural fibres of lambswool, bamboo, alpaca and pashmina to complete the luxurious feel of the bed.

Other models are Ilex, Topaz, Autumn, Tawny, Iris, Fern and Cypress. All are available on a range of Breasley base options, including the innovative ottoman, which hinges at the head end to create maximum storage.

The refreshed branding evokes Salus, the Roman goddess of wellbeing and the inspiration behind the eye-catching new logo. Its attractive, softer pastel branding reflects a product that appeals to a younger target demographic. 

Salus is available in 16 inspiring, contemporary colour and fabric choices. The mattresses in the range come in four sizes.

All mattresses are fitted with electronic RFID tags, allowing full manufacturing traceability. To finish, mattresses are wrapped in regranulated polythene, reducing the product’s carbon footprint.

All Salus mattresses come with a 10-year guarantee and are backed by the expertise and reputation for quality and customer care, which Breasley has developed throughout 44 years in business. 

As well as reporting strong sales across the Salus collection, Breasley’s Uno bed-in-a-box range was a popular bedfellow to the premier brand on the stand. Uno was one of the first in its sector as Breasley was a UK pioneer in the boxed and rolled market. 

Clare said: “Uno was the first and is still the best. Breasley is constantly at the forefront of innovation to improve the quality of the rolled and boxed mattresses that we produce.”

Brook + Wilde Elite, which Breasley produces exclusively, also performed well with strong interest from visitors to the show.

Both Uno and Brook + Wilde offer exceptional quality and luxury and are market leaders.


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