Bensons launches personalised sleep diet model

Bensons for Beds has unveiled its bespoke Sleep Diet model, designed by sleep expert, Stephanie Romiszewski.

Available to everyone nationwide from the Bensons for Beds website, the Sleep Diet allows Brits to determine a sleep profile which they can relate to, and subsequently, follow a bespoke sleep regime.

The launch comes following recent figures from Bensons revealing the huge impact sleep has on mental health, with 69% of people feel at their wit’s end from lack of sleep and 31% even feeling depressed if they don’t get enough sleep.

Tackling the common misconception that ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to sleep advice, Bensons launches the new Sleep Diet model to determine the most common sleep personalities and tips for making the most of your slumber.

Stephanie Romiszewski, Bensons for Beds sleep expert, who developed The Sleep Diet, said: “With a plethora of sleep tips out there, it’s hard to know which route to take – especially as Brits become more wary of how sleep affects their day to day lives.

“We are all so different, and there are a range of so many different types of sleep issues. These will change over our life span, as sleep is not a stagnant process! It could be that you are a mix of profiles, so you should use the advice which works for you. The most important thing is to maintain a positive, healthy attitude about sleep.”

Helen Nunn, Head of Marketing at Bensons for Beds says: “Whether you’re a self-confessed snoozer, tech addict or caffeine lover, it’s clear there’s no one size fits all when it comes to getting the best night’s sleep. We have developed the Sleep Diet model as part of our commitment to delivering Sleep Wellness™ to the nation, as everyone should be able to enjoy a great night’s sleep – and follow a regime that works for them.”

To discover your sleep profile and find out how you can become a better sleeper, visit Bensons for Beds’ new Sleep Diet model at


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